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As a business operating in the party and amusement arenas, the decision to invest in Public Liability insurance for your Jumping Castle business is an absolute must. As you will know, you will be required to have this insurance from a compliance perspective and as protection in the event that the services you provide lead to a claim. Claims against you could be devastating to your business as well as yourself personally.

Fortunately, through publicliabilityinsurance.com.au you can find a policy that is tailored to your company’s specific circumstances. You are absolutely in the best hands with PLICA to protect your income from possible losses brought about by claims and personal injuries.

Elements of a good insurance policy for Jumping Castles

Whether operating a single Jumping Castle or with multiple amusement offerings, you need a robust public liability insurance policy that meets your business needs and obligations.

Considerations for your Jumping Castle insurance

When seeking Public liability coverage for your jumping castle business, consider the following possible risks to be insured against.

  • Public Liability covering injury to third parties and damage to third party property
  • Fire and Perils Insurance
  • Cover for dry hire
  • Cover for wet hire
  • Insurance for use at licensed premises
  • Insurance for children and adult
  • Jumping castle insurance in storage
  • Cover for jumping castles while in transit

When searching for jumping castle insurance, you can either identify a single existing policy that covers key risks, or you can negotiate for a customised policy that suits your specific business needs. For example, you might need to include your other amusement offerings including mechanical rides, bungee runs, slides, bouncy boxing, gladiator joust, Sno-cone and fairy floss machines.

Consulting an insurance provider helps in identifying potential risks and designing an insurance policy that keeps your business safe. At publicliabilityinsurance.com.au we can assist with navigating the complexities of this type of cover. We can either customise a cover for you or finding an existing cover to suit you.

Affordable and flexible

It is important that your costs in business are not prohibitive. There is a misconception that insurances such as Public Liability Insurance are expensive and prohibitive to the viability of businesses. However, there are affordable insurance policies for all size businesses to ensure that if misfortune strikes your financial impact is not devastating. Access to comprehensive yet affordable insurance policies are available through publicliabilityinsurance.com.au with flexibility of premium payments that are tailored to your flow of income.

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