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As a carpenter, how do you know who to choose for your insurance?

You can get recommendations from other chippies, or you can use Google to find someone.

But how can you know if they really are a good company to deal with?

We recommended the insurance broker Bluewell for all carpenters insurance.

Here at we refer all of our tradies to Bluewell for their insurance, and it’s great to see they have been recommended by an industry body.

Carpentry Australia have given the following reasons for their recommendation:

“Good Price/ Great Service: Their premiums look great compared to their competitors, but they also have a great reputation for service.  A quick look through their client testimonials showed us how happy their clients are.

It’s Easy: They understand that you may not have loads of time to spend on the phone between 9 and 5, and have set up a system that so you can get an instant quote and buy a policy 100% online via their website at a time that works for you. The whole insurance process is simplified with Bluewell – phew.

It’s For You: Whether you’re an apprentice looking to cover your growing tool kit against theft, newly self-employed and setting yourself up or a seasoned business owner looking for more comprehensive protection, Bluewell will be able to help you get cover that works for you.”

What insurance is offered?

Although we only refer clients for public liability insurance, Bluewell can help chippies with a whole host of different insurance needs.

In addition to liability they can also assist with tool insurance, income protection and more.

How to get a quote

The best way to get started is to visit our carpenters insurance page where you will find more information.

This page will also enable you to request an instant quote on your public liability insurance, as provided by Bluewell.

We know how important it is for carpenters to have the right cover in place, and we trust that these guys will be able to look after you with great advice and a great price.