Heavy lifting and removing good that belongs to a customer can spark a few issues that may cost your business. Paying for damages that your employee caused might be expensive, so investing in public liability insurance is always a good idea.

What does public liability insurance cover?

Public liability can cover a range of different incidents and cases. These could occur at any time during a job. Here’s a quick list of the most common events of public liability:

  • Damage to customer good or property
  • Customer/employee injuries
  • First aid expenses
  • Lawsuits
  • and more…

Searching for the best cover is always a struggle. We have a great quoting service will find the best options for your business. You can find our form here.

Is this a necessity?

All businesses should look into purchasing public liability insurance at some point. There is always a chance that one of these events could occur. With a removals business, the chances are heightened because your employees will be handling heavy goods from customers property. So if your employees aren’t careful they could potentially hurt themselves or your customer and maybe damage their goods or property.

Accidents and damage to property are always unpredictable. Public liability Insurance covers any potential situation that may cost your company. From accidentally damaging customers’ goods to injuries of your employees.

If you are interested in finding a public liability insurance quote, we provide a great online quoting service for our customers. Just enter your occupation as a Removalist and follow the form instructions, and you’ll be all set. Our phone is open to anyone that has any enquiries about our services, public liability insurance and more. Just call us at 1300 542 245.