Building pools require heavy and expensive equipment that will be operated next to or on a customer’s property. Cover your business from incidents with public liability insurance.

Why do I need Public Liability Insurance for my Pool Building Business?

Working with excavators and other tools, the risk increase. If the operator loses control of the vehicle and causes damage to the customer’s property can cost your business a lot of money if it isn’t covered.

Also, if your employee trips and falls into the large hole that was dug out, and requires medical expenses being paid. Your business might have to pay for that directly. Unless it is covered by a public liability policy.

Should I purchase cover?

Protecting your business from any 3rd party expenses will really save your business some money. These public liability cases can be very costly but finding the right coverage for your business will help. Our free online quoting form will help narrow down the best options for your business and you will be covered in no time.

Enter your occupation as a Pool Installer and follow the instructions of the form and your quote we will find the best quote in seconds. With coverage of 5-20 million dollars, your business will be safe from a lot of unpredictable expenses.

What Public Liability Insurance Offers

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