Mobile Tyre Fitter Public Liability Insurance

Fitting tyres can be difficult, especially when working outside the shop. Mobile Tyre Fitters have to be very careful sometimes to prevent the businesses from receiving any liability claims.

Do I need Public Liability Insurance?

A job could occur in all sorts of locations. From on the side of a busy road or a customers house. Making sure that your employees and business are covered with a public liability insurance policy is recommended.

There are countless incidents that could occur during a job and your business could pay the price. Incidents like a customers car are damaged or an employee is injured. This is what Mobile Tyre Fitter Public Liability Insurance is for. To protect your business from expensive claims.

Where can I get cover?

These public liability cases can be very costly but finding the right coverage for your business will help. Protecting your business from any 3rd party expenses will really save your business some money. Our free online quoting form can narrow down the best options for your business according to your requirements.

Enter your occupation as a Tyre Fitter and follow the instructions of the form and your quote we will find the best quote in seconds. With coverage of 5-20 million dollars, your business will be safe from a lot of unpredictable expenses.

Need more information?

If you need more information about or services or your quote. We have a phone number you can call and we will help solve your issue or enquiry. Call us on 1300 542 245 during our open hours and hopefully, we can help you out.