Mobile Phone Repair Insurance


Phone repair shops are critical in our advancing society, both in providing a valuable service, and supporting a sustainable consumer environment. Your skills in precision and repair are supported by your depth of knowledge and experience. However, we understand that accidents can happen regularly and we want to help protect your business and livelihood from any unforeseen circumstances.

Public Liability Insurance is a core business insurance product that covers damage you or your employees may cause to third party property or physical injury to others. Smartphones are small intricate pieces of equipment that require a delicate hand to repair, and despite your best-efforts things can still go wrong. Some potential claim examples could be:

Property Damage

Scenario: Accidental damage to a customer’s device or property during the repair process.

This insurance steps in to cover the costs of repairing or replacing damaged devices or property, safeguarding your business from liability.

Visitor Injury

Scenario: A visitor to your mobile repair shop sustains an injury due to tripping over equipment.

Public Liability Insurance provides coverage for medical expenses and potential legal claims, offering financial protection against injuries sustained by third parties on your premises.

Data Loss Claims

Scenario: During a repair, a customer claims loss of data or damage to important files.

This insurance would cover the costs associated with data recovery or compensation claims arising from potential data loss during repairs.

Our team of specialists are happy to discuss your options regarding business insurance to find the right match between competitive pricing and comprehensive coverage for your business. Let us help protect your business through insurance to support your financial stability in uncertain times. Our in-house claims team handle all the paperwork if you need to make a claim to ensure you can focus on what’s important while we fight for you.

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