Massage Therapist Public Liability Insurance

Heavy machinery and equipment are just asking for liability claims. Excavation Public Liability Insurance is here to protect your businesses from any damage or injury costs that could affect a business financially.

Why should I buy public liability insurance?

All clients are different, some need a harder massage than others. But it is hard to tell. Some massage therapists will accidentally hurt their customers without even knowing and have to pay the cost. If your business isn’t covered with public liability insurance, you and your employees will be subject to liability claims. Here are a few examples:

  • A therapist injures a customer
  • Your building is damaged by a third-party
  • A settlement against your business
  • and more…

Not covered by a liability policy? If one of the above incidents does occur, your business will have to use its own money. It is always a good idea to cover your business with even the most basic cover. That way your business saves a whole lot of cash.

Massage Therapist Public Liability Insurance

If you haven’t purchased public liability insurance before, our free online public liability insurance quote form is available 24/7 for all of our customers. It’s a super easy process.

Simply, follow our form instructions and input your occupation as a Massage Therapist and you will be given a quote that best fits your business requirements. We will be able to find 5, 10 and 20 million dollars worth of coverage for your business.

We do recommend to purchase public liability insurance to ensure that any third-party incident is dealt with. Get your free quote now!

Need some more clarification?

In need for more information? You can also contact us using our contact form on our website. Call us during our open business hours at 1300 542 245 to get a free quote or if you have questions about our services, public liability insurance, etc.