Locksmith Removal Insurance


The art of securing homes and businesses comes with its own set of challenges. Clients are trusting you to solve their security issues while providing a professional and comprehensive service. Public Liability Insurance helps to protect your locksmith businesses from unexpected hurdles while enhancing your professionalism and improving customer trust.

Why Public Liability Insurance matters for locksmiths:

  1. Client safety: Clients often observe your work when operating within their business or home. If an accident occurs during a service call, for example, a customer tripping over your tools and injuring themselves, liability insurance can assist with covering potential costs from legal costs or medical bills from property or personal injury claims.
  2. Property Protection: We understand accidents happen, and tools can inadvertently cause more damage to a client’s property than intended. Liability insurance covers damage you may accidently cause to third party property, covering replacement or legal costs associated with the incident.
  3. Legal Safeguard: Western society is known for its litigious culture, even minor incidents can lead to legal actions. Are you in a position to spend time and resources wrapped up in legal disputes with clients? Public liability insurance assists with covering costs to provide peace of mind, allowing you to focus on what’s important, while our dedicated team of in-house claim handlers deal with the paperwork.

We specialise in crafting liability insurance solutions for each of our clients and understand the unique risks locksmiths face. Our experienced team is ready to discuss your situation and options, ensuring you receive comprehensive coverage that is tailored to your needs.

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