Working in labour, involves a lot of heavy lifting, use of tools and large/small machinery. Labouring Businesses purchase public liability insurance to cover their business from any potential liability cases.

How will this protect my business?

Working as a Labourer you are required to lift heavy objects, use machinery and tools that could cause injuries to your employees, clients or public. In the case, someone gets injured and they charge your business for the injury costs. But if your business is covered by public liability insurance, your business wouldn’t have to pay for those costs directly from your wallet.

Paying a small fee that can help save you from paying a huge sum of money. Which is a good trade-off, when you think about it. If your business isn’t covered and you are looking to protect your business. We provide a free online quote form that could help you out. Here are a few examples of what public liability insurance can cover:

  • Employee is severely injured from a fault tool
  • A public member’s car is damaged from a falling object
  • Your business is threatened with a lawsuit
  • and more…

Tell me how to get covered?

Our free online Public Liability Insurance Quote Form is a super easy process where you enter your occupation in as a Labourer or Trades Assistant/Labourer and follow the easy steps and instructions to your free quote.

We will be able to find cover for your business with 5, 10 or 20 million dollars of coverage. The quotes that will be shown will depend on your business requirements and size. If you have any other questions about our service. You can contact us by calling 1300 542 245 during our open hours and we will help with your enquiry. You are also welcome to contact us through our contact form with enquiries about our services.