Graphic Designer Public Liability Insurance

You wouldn’t think Graphic Designers are vulnerable to public liability cases, but there are still situations where your graphic design business can be victim to public liability incidents.

What is Graphic Designer Public Liability Insurance?

Graphic Designer jobs usually involve many risks that could potentially affect your business. These may include unsatisfactory service or damage to equipment. If by any chance, an incident does occur causing damage to a customers’ business or breaking a computer.

It is always smart to prepare your business for any situation. Purchasing public liability cover will ensure your business is free from paying settlements and other expenses that would normally come from your own wallet.

Why to seek Public Liability Insurance?

Affecting a business with your graphic design work could really cost your business if your client is willing to charge your business. But if your business is insured with a public liability policy, those costs will be drastically lowered.

We have a Free Online Public Liability Insurance Quote Form that will help find your business the best policy that suits your requirements. Enter your occupation as a Graphic Designer or Graphic Design Service and follow the form to your free quote. If you’re happy with what we quoted, you are also able to purchase that cover and your business will be protected in generally 4 to 6 days.

Is there anything else we can help with?

If you have more questions to ask or want to enquire about a quote over the phone, you can call us at 1300 542 245, during open hours and we will help you out with whatever you need. You can also contact us through our contact form, here.