Heavy machinery and equipment are just asking for liability claims. Excavation Public Liability Insurance is here to protect your businesses from any damage or injury costs that could really affect a business financially.

What’s the purpose of Excavation Public Liability Insurance?

Working with excavators and other excavation machinery or tools can spark potential for some serious consequences if operated unprofessionally. Liabilities can be prevented but unfortunately still occur. Here are a few ideas on what Excavation Public Liability Insurance can cover:

  • Vehicle damage or theft
  • Surrounding Property Damage
  • A severe injury to an employee
  • and more…

Is your business covered with a liability policy? If an incident does happen, your business will have to pay for the damages from your own pocket. These claims can be quite costly, so having cover to protect your business from a substantial fee is a good idea.

How can I get cover for my business?

Our free online public liability insurance quote form is available 24/7 for our customers. If you haven’t purchased public liability insurance before, this process is super easy.

Follow our form instructions and input your occupation as Excavation and you will be given a quote that best fits your business requirements. We will be able to find 5, 10 and 20 million dollars worth of coverage for your business.

Although it isn’t mandatory, all industries and businesses should consider purchasing public liability insurance so that they are protected from any excessive expenses that could occur when working.

Need more information?

If you are in need of more assistance. We take calls from our customers during our opening hours. Call us now at 1300 542 245 to get a free quote or if you have questions about our services, public liability insurance, etc. You can also contact us using our contact form on our website.