Carpenter’s Insurance: Now’s the Time To Nail It

carpenter insurance for working carpenters

Any workshop or site is a minefield of possible hazards that can cause a landslide of issues. Whether you’re a chippie who just started their own business, or an established company, our team at Bluewell Insurance Brokers is more than happy to help you with the most competitive online quotes, and personalised expert advice on carpenter’s insurance.

Your Carpenter Business could be exposed to risks including:

  • Damage to customer property
  • Someone other than an employee getting injured (i.e. tripping over your tools on the ground, a cupboard incorrectly installed falling on the client)
  • Stolen Tools/Cars
  • Damage to your Property
  • Accident to yourself or employees on the job

These risks associated with the carpenter’s trade mean you need to protect your business to keep it running at all times. If left uninsured, you could be left with thousands in debt, or even have to close your trade altogether due to financial burden. The following types of insurances are essential for carpenters and their day-to-day activities.


This is the most basic type of insurance, but likely the most essential. Public Liability covers the insured against any damage, whether property or injury, while undertaking their work. Public Liability is particularly important to Carpenters, being on sites and working with construction companies, and they are exposed to a variety of risks. This insurance would cover you in a variety of circumstance, such as a door installed fell on a third party, or the third party was injured during the process of your work.


As a carpenter, your toolbox is your treasure trove. Insuring your tools against loss or damage is essential to keep your business running smoothly. Cover applies to tools you have lost due to theft even though they were safely stored in a secure location. Tools Insurance also provides coverage for accidental or fire damage, and also damages due to natural disasters, like lightning or storms.


Many carpenters are self-employed, meaning they often can’t obtain Workers Compensation, or paid sick leave. Accident & Sickness Insurance covers you in the instance you injure yourself or fall ill, by providing you with a weekly income while you are off work. Bluewell offers you best coverage and most competitive premiums for Accident & Sickness insurance, just talk to our team.


Other than your tools, your vehicle is likely your most treasured asset. Ensure you are covered in the circumstance your work vehicle is damaged or stolen by insuring it with Commercial Motor Insurance. It doesn’t matter the number of vehicles, we can accommodate your requests.
Give Bluewell Insurance Brokers a call at 1300 669 664 or visit to protect your business today. We are more than happy to accommodate to your needs as a Carpenter.