Demolition Insurance


Competitive Demolition Business Insurance

In the destructive world of demolition, the one thing you want to protect is your business. Unexpected events occur and public liability insurance should act as the bedrock foundation of protection for your demolition business.

Public Liability Insurance covers you and your employees for costs associated with unintentional damage to third party property or physical injury to others. Demolition sites can contain heavy machinery, debris, excavations, contractors constantly coming and going. However, demolition doesn’t have to be large scale. We have helps many smaller scale, soft strip demolition operators protect their business or meet contractual requirements through liability insurance. Liability insurance is our speciality, and we aim to source the most competitive and appropriate cover from our providers to protect your business against these unforeseen situations. Our in-house claims handlers ensure that even in the event of a claim, you can stay focussed on getting back on track while we handle the paperwork.

Some claim examples could be:

Injury to Onlookers

Scenario: Spectators or onlookers near the demolition site suffer injuries due to flying debris or unsafe conditions.

Public Liability Insurance steps in to cover medical expenses and potential legal claims.

Utility Line Damage

Scenario: Accidental damage to underground utility lines during demolition activities.

This insurance provides coverage for repair or replacement costs of damaged utilities.

Equipment Malfunction

Scenario: Malfunction of demolition equipment results in damage to the structure.

This insurance provides coverage for repair or replacement costs of the third party property, as well as potential compensation claims for or damages.

We understand that safety and professionalism are at the core of your services. Our friendly advisors specialize in crafting insurance solutions for all businesses including demolition businesses. We work with you to ensure that your Public Liability Insurance is tailored to the unique risks of your trade, providing comprehensive coverage that aligns with your situation.

Benefits of Using Demolition Insurance Brokers

Using specialised demolition insurance brokers can save time and money. Our insurance brokers have extensive industry expertise and can provide tailored advice and comprehensive coverage options. We understand the specific risks associated with demolition contractor insurance and can help negotiate better premiums and coverage terms on your behalf.

Asbestos Cover

Demolition businesses are also exposed to potential asbestos related risks. Asbestos containing materials can be present in older buildings, and the process of demolition can release asbestos fibres into the air, creating a hazardous environment for workers and the surrounding community. As a result, demolition businesses must prioritise proper risk management and ensure they have adequate insurance coverage to address the unique liabilities associated with asbestos. Discuss your business insurance requirements with our expert brokers to ensure you have the right coverage for your operations today.