Public Liability Insurance Comparison

Small Business Public Liability Insurance
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Taking out public liability insurance for your business? It pays to compare!

We can help you to compare policies from a range of different insurers from all over Australia.

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Insurers we can compare

Via our network we can compare policies from the following well known insurers:

  • Allianz
  • Calliden
  • CGU
  • QBE
  • Vero
  • Zurich

We also use many other insurers, especially if your business type is a little out of the ordinary.

How we do it

We are the online brand for an insurance broker and we do have strong relationships with a number of different insurance companies.

If you can’t get an online quote we receive your details via our website and then get to work on finding the right cover to meet your requirements.

We compare premiums and features from a range of insurers, and will then contact you to let you know which policy we recommend for your business.

Do they compare every policy, every time?

The short answer is no.

Our brokers use their experience and knowledge when obtaining quotes for you, and sometimes they feel that a full comparison is not required.

For example if you are a tradesperson, in most cases your quote request will be managed by shopping it around with multiple insurers, who are one of our close partners.

As we specialise in insurance for tradespeople, and we will generally know which insurance company is the most competitive for a certain trade without having to compare every company.

If you have a highly specilised cover we will most likely have already done the comparison for other clients and will know where to go to get the best cover at the best price.

What to compare?

When most people think about a public liability insurance comparison they will be thinking about price.

Price is certainly a big thing, and the cost of the insurance will be a major determining factor for most businesses.

But it’s not the only thing worth comparing.

Your insurance broker will also take into account their experience with each insurance company when doing a comparison.

Claims experience is a major factor.

For example if the broker has had great claims experiences with company A and bad claims experiences with company B, do you think they’d still recommend company B just because the premium is $10 cheaper?

They could do if all they cared about was making a quick sale, but a good broker will take more than just the premium into consideration when doing their comparison.

What to look out for

It’s important to look out for websites and insurance brokers who claim to compare a range of different insurers and policies, when the reality is they may only be comparing one or two of their favourites.

If you are unsure, simply ask the broker which insurance companies they have compared for you. If you are unhappy with their response, let them know!

When it comes to public liability insurance the coverage provided by each insurer is broadly the same, but it’s still worth asking your broker if the recommended policy has all the features and benefits of the others they have compared.

Important information

The company which owns the publicliabilityinsurance website is not an insurance company or an insurance broker. It is a marketing company with strong links to a number of insurance broking groups.

In some cases these links are based on a referral agreement, whilst in one case the link involves common directors and shareholders.

For more information about how we operate please read our terms of use.

Whilst we cannot force any of these insurance groups to compare every insurance company listed on this page, we do expect them to do the right thing by their clients.

For more information you should request a copy of the Financial Service Guide (FSG) from the broker who contacts you after you have completed the online quote request on our website.