When you talk to them about your claim they will give you specific instructions which must be followed. Failure to follow the instruction could jeopardise your claim.

If you are involved in any incident which may trigger a public liability insurance claim it is vitally important not to admit any responsibility or liability.

Instead you should speak with the insurance company first, as they will investigate the incident in order to determine who may or may not be responsible or liable.

Below we have listed the claims phone numbers for each of the major insurers:

  • Allianz 131 000
  • AMP 131 436
  • CGU 131 532
  • QBE 133 723
  • Vero 1300 888 073
  • Zurich 132 687

If your insurer is not listed above, try searching for them on Google or contact us and we will try to assist with tracking them down.

Here at publicliabilityinsurance.com.au we are not an insurance company, nor are we licensed or authorised insurance brokers. Instead we operate as a referral service and provide leads to other qualified brokers and advisers.

Due to this we cannot assist you directly with any claim, however if you are having trouble locating your broker or insurer you can contact us and we will try to point you in the right direction.