Depending on the type of business model your car wash operates on, the liabilities can vary. Regardless of the business model, the risk of accidents taking place in your business environment is a continuous concern especially when it comes to your customers. This is why considering Public Liability Insurance for your car wash business may be the right option.

Why does your car wash business need Public Liability Insurance?

Any car wash business may have potential risks that could cause incidents while there are water, electricity, chemicals, and other equipment/machinery elements being operated. Some examples being:

  • A customer or third party entity could get injured
  • A customer could have their property damaged.
  • Legal Fee for an incident involving a third party entity

Whatever the damages or injuries might be, having Public Liability insurance could cover for any of the above-mentioned liabilities and even any legal fee which your business may be liable for. For this reason, it is highly recommended that your business is covered by Public Liability Insurance.

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How can I get cover for my business?

All businesses are eligible for Public Liability Insurance, however, each cover may differ depending on the business. Have the security of having your business covered form unnecessary financial costs by applying for a suitable policy for your business.

To check out whether you are eligible for public liability coverage, use our online form and we will find the best fit for your business. It’s always a great idea to prepare your business for any incidents that can cost your business.

All industries and businesses should consider purchasing public liability insurance so that they are protected from any excessive expenses that could occur when working.

Need more information?

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