Car detailers car washes, interor detailing and wax jobs. No matter how good you are, you are most likely to be exposed in some risk. We may be able to assist with your Public Liability Insurance which will defend your business from any incidents.

What Insurance Do You Need as a Car Detailer?

Public liability is the most commonly required cover for car detailers, which is vital for any auto business owners. Essentially, it covers any damages or personal injuries that are caused by you.

  • Faulty workmanship whilst cleaning a customers vehicle
  • Product liability when using an incorrect mix of cleaning agents which damages the vehicle
  • Damaging the customer’s vehicle when moving cars

How can I protect my Car Detailing Business?

Auto detailers provide essential services for car lovers. However, there are always risks of damaging your clients’ car. This is true, especially working with the exterior side of the car which is more prompt to being damaged. By having Public Liability Insurance, it will help and defend your successful business from any third party damage. Having public liability insurance in place, you will be able to work better and more confidently which may even help your business to thrive. 4 to 6 days is all it takes for you to get covered. Get a quote now, and start working on your successful business without having to worry.

The process is really easy. All you have to do it enter your occupation as “Car Detailer”, and you will be able to get a quote straight away. We have served many hard-working people like you. Our customers were all very satisfied with our top-notch services. Don’t take any risk on your hard earnings, let us help you. If you have any further enquiries about our services or car detailer public liability insurance, contact us now at 1300 542 245 and our friendly staff will help you out.