Cannabis Industry Insurance

The emerging cannabis industry is experiencing rapid change and has its unique liability risks. At public liability, we focus on developing a professional relationship with each client to ensure we thoroughly understand each business operation, activity, and situation. Our team of experienced brokers can assist with various business sizes and risks.

Public Liability Insurance primarily covers property damage and personal injury concerning your business operation. This includes slip and fall situations relating to customers or B2B operators visiting the business premises and having an injury, as well as you and your agents visiting third-party sites.

Liability insurance policies in Australia often range from $5 million to $20 million in coverage, and excess levels vary depending on client preferences and underwriting conditions. Our professional broker team has access to a wide range of insurers we work with, enabling our team to ensure correct coverage for your specific situation. With cannabis businesses often being start-ups or high-growth operations, liability insurance provides financial protection for civil liability, which your business may be liable for.

Submit a request or call Public Liability Insurance directly to speak with a consultant and discuss your options & the application process.

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