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We can arrange quotes on public liability insurance on a range of different business types.

Virtually all types of businesses can benefit from holding appropriate public liability cover, and some of our specialty areas include the following:

  • Tradespeople
  • Retailers and Shopkeepers
  • Consultants and other Professionals
  • Cleaners
  • Cafes, Restaurants & Bars
  • Doctors & Medical Professionals
  • Market Stall Holders


Given the large numbers of self-employed and subcontractor tradesmen in Australia, it is no surprise that tradies are one of the largest users of public liability cover.

For many self-employed tradespeople this form of insurance will be mandatory in order to enter some of the larger worksites and to obtain certain trade licences.

You can visit our page on tradesman public liability insurance by following the link.

Retailers and Shopkeepers

Anyone who owns or operates a retail store will need more than just public liability, but it will certainly be an important part of the overall insurance package.

One of the major risks for shop owners are slip and fall claims, and this is one of the areas that can be covered through public liability insurance. Visit our page on shop insurance for more information.

Consultants and other Professionals

Most professionals falling into this category will find that professional indemnity insurance is more important for them, but that doesn’t mean public liability is not also required.

Although the risk of a claim may be lower for white collar professionals, the affordable cost of the cover means that taking out insurance is an easy decision.

Click here for more information on insurance for professionals.


Anyone running a cleaning business or working as a cleaning contractor will need to have public liability insurance in place.

The risks for cleaners are quite high, with claims for slip and fall incidents and property damage leading to potentially high payouts.

Most cleaners working with real estate agents or cleaning venues such as shopping centres will find that public liability insurance is mandatory for them. Follow the link for more information on cleaners insurance.

Cafes, Restaurants & Bars

There are dozens of risks that are faced by businesses in the hospitality industry every day and night.

They share the same slip and fall risks that retail businesses face, along with other risks such as food poisoning and other potential hazards.

Many of these risks can be covered by public liability, and that is why this is such an important form of insurance for cafes, restaurants and bars throughout Australia.

Doctors & Medical Professionals

One of the most specialised areas when it comes to insurance is the medical industry.

The risks faced by doctors and other medical professionals are very specific, and it is important to have the right cover in place to protect against those risks.

We have access to insurance experts with many years of experience in dealing with medical insurance including public liability and professional indemnity.

Market Stall Holders

Most people running a stall within a public market will be required to hold public liability insurance.

There are various types of policies available for market stall holders depending on the type of products and services that you provide.

You can find more information on market stall insurance by following this link.

Other Business Types

Whilst the business types listed above are major users of public liability cover, it is still true that almost any business type in Australia can benefit from this cover.

Here at we have access to a range of insurance experts who have experience across a huge range of industries and sectors around Australia.

If you would like a quote on your public liability insurance please select the amount of cover you require below, or give us a call on 1300 542 245 for more information.