Bike Tour Insurance

Bike Tour Insurance

Do you need Bike Tour Insurance?

Do you need Bike Tour Insurance? We can help with assorted types of bike tour insurances be they leisurely going through a city or getting covered in mud going off-road. We can get cover for Public Liability Insurance for all types of vehicles:

  • Quad Bike Tour Insurance
  • Bicycle Tour Insurance
  • Motorbike Tour Insurance

So what are you going to do if something bad happens?

Your Public liability insurance is there to help you with cover for injury to your participants so that if they turn around and sue you for something that you have done negligent you can cover the costs for your court costs, their hospital bills and loss of income and like we say, you can do all the right things and still be considered negligent so having the cover for Public liability insurance in place is just simple peace of mind for you.

We are finding that a lot of insurers and underwriters are pulling out of the market as of late, which is putting a lot of stress on people trying to run these types of businesses, luckily we still have access to a few insurers who can help, so you can keep your business running and do what you do best.

So what do you need to do to get cover in place?

You can do one of 2 things you can call us on 1300542245 or you can fill in the online form via the link above which will get us started on find you the cover that you need. The underwriters will have additional question on things like:

  • What types of risk management procedures do you have in place?
  • Have you had claims in the past?
  • Are the tours full supervised at all times and:
  • Other general question that are normally asked like your turnover, level of liability you require.


So make sure you speak with one of our consultants today to get your cover up and running and your business protected!