Asbestos Removal Insurance



Asbestos was once viewed as an incredible innovation in building materials being strong, flexible, insulating, and cost effective. However, asbestos fibre exposure today can cause life threatening illnesses, environmental damages, and is a high risk within the liability insurance landscape. There are significant expenses, as well as health risks if asbestos fibres are released into the air during renovations, general maintenance, or demolition. Licenced asbestos professionals are then left with the tedious job of safely removing and disposing of the toxic material. Typically, Insurance provides have exclusions relating to damages caused by Asbestos.

However, at Bluewell Insurance Brokers, our experienced team deals directly with specialist underwriters who handle Liability Insurance for Businesses that operate in this industry. Cover can be applied for a specific job, or an annualised policy if you regularly handle asbestos.

What is Public Liability Insurance?


Liability Insurance is a Business Insurance product which covers yourself and your business for financial loss relating to third party property damage or physical injury. In this instance, it can also extend to environmental damages and costs associated with compensation payouts. Liability in Australia generally falls under three tiers of cover; $5 million; $10 million; $20 million. If your situation is more unique, our brokers can look further into layering cover, or assist in applying for higher limits depending on individual underwriting capabilities. Liability Insurance also comes with excess levels, much like a motor vehicle insurance. Excess amounts must be paid at the time of a claim to release the addition funds. Excess amounts vary across policies and underwriters and our team is eager to help facilitate amounts that best suit you and your business.

At Bluewell we pride ourselves on developing long term relationships with our clients. We assign individual brokers to facilitate all policies, adjustments, communication, or general queries in order to continually build the level of trust and customer service with yourself. We understand dealing with different people every time can become frustrating or information is lost. So, we have created an allocation system based of your business insurance needs and the personal experience of our brokers to ensure we exceed your expectations and provide the highest quality service possible.


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