Arborist Insurance


Arborist and tree loppers face their own set of business and insurance challenges from working with chainsaws and motorized equipment to height safety and falling debris. For any arborist business, the core of their business defense should involve public liability insurance. We understand the hard work and investment that goes into building your business and we encourage you to protect your business. Our dedicated team of specialists are eager to discuss options that best suit your operation to ensure your business remains financially stable during unforeseen events.

Public liability insurance covers damage caused by you or your employees to third parties – including property damage or physical injury that occur while providing your services, including defense costs and potential compensation settlements.

Falling Branch Incidents

Scenario: A client comes out to inspect your work and is hit by falling debris.

Public Liability Insurance covers the costs of injury claims, covering medical costs, and potential loss of income for the client, ensuring financial security amid unforeseen accidents.

Damage to Nearby Structures:

Scenario: During tree removal, a tree unintentionally damages a neighboring structure.

This insurance provides coverage for the repair or replacement costs of the damaged property.

Pedestrian Injury

Scenario: A pedestrian is injured by falling debris during tree removal operations.

Public Liability Insurance steps in to cover medical expenses and potential legal claims, offering financial protection against third-party injuries. These events are almost always unexpected, and without insurance they can have a significant negative impact on your business and personal wellbeing. Operating a business is stressful enough, let us help provide peace of mind knowing you are appropriately covered. In addition to our experienced brokers, we have in-house claims specialists to handle the nitty gritty paperwork so you can focus on what’s important. We also have a range of providers to help us source cover that is tailored to your risks while still being competitive.