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$20 Million Public Liability Insurance


Do you need $20 million Public Liability Insurance? In the past having $5 million public liability insurance was enough to get you on site or get you started with a job, but as claims increase the requirements from companies to have $20 million public liability insurance is coming more and more prevelent in the business community. A lot of establishments require you to have the $20,000,000 such as construction companies, shopping centres, the government is a big one that usually requires you to have 20 million cover to do any work for them and more over most tradies are opting to have the high levels of cover just to make sure they are covered in case the worst ever happens to them.

So what do you need to do to get a quote for your $20 million public liability insurance, well it’s as can be give us a call on 1300 542 245 and one of our consultants can run over it with you on the phone or alternatively you can fill out one of our forms and we can look into the cover for you and get the best quote and send it out to you, in some circumstances we will still need to call you to discus things as not all insurance companies give instant quotes, so in these cases we will call you and go over what we need to do with you over the phone, be it completing a proposal form for harder to place insurances or just to talk to you to clarify what your job description or personal or business situation might actually be.

Contact us today to get insurance quotes for nearly every occupation as www.publicliabilityinsurance.com.au is Australias leading supplier for public liability insurance and we help you get the cover you need and if we can’t help we’ll try and put you in the right direction.