Short Term Public Liability Insurance

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Get covered from as short a period as 6 months

Do you need Short Term Insurance?


From time to time you may have a short-term contract that requires you to have public liability insurance for the duration of that contract, you may wish to pay your insurances every 6 months to help manage your cashflow or if you have uncertainty for an upcoming job, getting a short term public liability insurance policy may be the best option for you.
With you can buy your insurances for a little amount of time as 6 months up to as much as 18 months. This flexibility helps you to get the right cover at the right terms for you and your business.

We have monthly payments available if you choose to take out a 12 month policy or you can choose to pay by credit card instantly or you can also choose to pay by invoice, with the flexibility is with you.

We offer instant online quotes for over 500 occupations and the number of occupations we can handle grows annually, so your chances of being able to get a quote instantly are pretty high. But if we can’t get you an instant quote you can always use our custom quote section which will enable us to take it direct to a number of insurance companies and underwriters to find the right cover for you.

So use today to get your insurance requirements met with Australia’s leading public liability insurance provider